Microsoft 365 Application Delivery Service

Microsoft 365 Application Delivery Service


At iThink 365 we deliver solutions for our customers using the Microsoft 365 and Cloud platforms.

The Microsoft 365 Application Delivery Service provides a way for a way for you to leverage Microsoft 365 to deliver more for your organisation. We recommend using it with our Envisioning Service which builds a roadmap to deliver and solve the challenges that your business faces.

Buy a set number of hours from iThink 365 to work on your projects at a discounted rate. When you have got what you wanted then give 30 days’ notice and you stop paying.

iThink 365 use the following key Microsoft 365 services to deliver:

Using these services, we can deliver innovative solutions such as:

  • Document management approval processes.
  • Business automation processes.
  • Managing Financial approval processes.
  • Integration of line of business applications with Microsoft Teams.
  • Integration of line of business applications.
  • Custom SharePoint webparts
  • Microsoft Teams Applcations

Our approach

How we work, is that you engage with us by buying a set of hours per month. We use that time to deliver applications providing the following approach:

  • Discover – understand your pain points, gather requirements.
  • Develop – build your application.
  • Deliver – deliver your application into your environment.
  • Feedback – understand how the application is being used and how the project went. 

If you would like more detail, our approach is the same for our Microsoft 365 Application Development Service.

Support is provided via our Microsoft 365 support offering to provide application support and helpdesk for your users. This can be 1st, 2nd or 3rd line support.

Key points

Intellectual Property

Anything that we build for you is your intellectual property, however we do ask that we have royalty free rights and permission to use what we have built for our other customers. That way all our customers (including you) benefit from the frameworks and implementations that we have built.


We bill by the hour at a rate of £95 per hour. We invoice at the start of the month for the hours that have been agreed to be delivered that month.

Minimum Hours

There is a minimum set of hours which you can buy which is 16 hours a month. In our experience our customers do not get the value and experience that we want them to have with any less than that.

Notice period

We want to make sure you are getting value from our service. So you are free to terminate working with us at any time, however you must give us 30 days’ notice and will be charged for the minimum hours even if you do not have any work for us.

Changing hours

You are free to change hours as you require, we will do our best to accommodate those changes as quickly as we can. If the hours are increasing, we will try accommodating your request as soon as possible but have 30 days to acquire the additional resource. If the hours are being reduced, there is a 30 day notice period.

Partner Relationship

We expect to have a Microsoft partner relationship with your organisation. This helps us keep our Microsoft partner accreditation which benefits us and our customers.

Examples of our work

Please take a look through our case studies for more examples.

Publication Approval Process

Users are taken through a Power Apps application to deliver a wizard interface to publish research papers on SharePoint.

This has enabled the team to work more effectively from out of the office. It has also reduced the amount of support that Marketing have had to give.

The application was delivered using the following services:

Microsoft Azure Functions

Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Apps

For more information, read the Lhasa Limited case study.

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