Microsoft 365 Application Delivery Service

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At iThink 365 we want to make you and your business successful. Microsoft 365 provides so many opportunities to improve how businesses perform and we want to help our customers be more productive and more successful.

We see from experience that by using Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure as the platform we can deliver amazing solutions which deliver value, a great return on investment. These solutions help the business deliver more. With our understanding and knowledge of the platform, we can work together to turn your ideas into fantastic solutions.

The Microsoft 365 Application Delivery Service provides a way for you to leverage Microsoft 365 to deliver more for your organisation by spreading the cost over several months.

The service ideally partners with our Envisioning Service which builds a roadmap to deliver and solve the challenges that you have identified.

The service is flexible and works by you buying a set of hours each month. Our development team will work on your projects. When you have got to where you want to be, then give 30 days’ notice and we stop.

iThink 365 use the following Microsoft 365 services to deliver solutions:

This service delivers the following

  • Document management approval processes.
  • Business automation processes.
  • Managing Financial approval processes.
  • Integration of line of business applications with Microsoft Teams.
  • Integration of line of business applications.
  • Custom SharePoint webparts
  • Microsoft Teams Applications


We bill by the hour at a rate of £100 per hour. We invoice at the start of the month for the hours that have been agreed to be delivered that month.

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