Microsoft 365 Envisioning Service

Microsoft 365 Envisioning Service


The envisioning service sets you and your organisation in the right direction by educating the decision makers in the organisation with an understanding of the Microsoft 365 platform and what it can deliver by talking and showing you the “art of the possible”.

Once the team understand the services, we run workshops to discuss the vision, goals and challenges the business has. Armed with this information we work with you to talk and envision how these can be tackled with Microsoft 365.

The envisioning service delivers the following:

  • Brings you and your management team up to speed with Microsoft 365 and its numerous services.
  • Explains what each service is and when you would use it.
  • Allows you to understand the areas of benefit and the “art of the possible”.
  • Discuss and catalogues the challenges and problems in the organisation.
  • Assess the challenges and look at approaches to solve the challenges.
  • Build a list of high-level business requirements / features which iThink 365 will validate and guide you through how those might be built and work.
  • Build a roadmap to resolve the challenges and drive the business forward.

Our approach

The envisioning service is delivered with the following approach:

  • An introduction to Microsoft 365 workshop where we talk through the services. We provide an overview of how complex, expensive and the effort required to deploy each service. Additionally, we provide examples of how the service can be used.
  • Workshops where we build your list of challenges, prioritise them and then discuss how they can be solved.

The deliverables are:

  • An export of all the challenges, prioritised with descriptions of solution options and a high-level indication of how much effort would be required to deliver the solution and the impact on the organisation.
  • A solid overview of the Microsoft 365 services for the key people in the organisation.
  • A documented roadmap based on the challenges which defines the organisation’s Microsoft 365 journey.

Who is the service aimed for?

The service is aimed for decision makers, business owners, chief technology officer, chief information officers and those looking at how to transform an organisation with Microsoft 365.

Who is the service not aimed for?

The service is not for end-users looking to learn about a particular Microsoft 365 service in depth.


Please note prices are exclusive of VAT.

The following prices provide an idea of cost.

Introduction to Microsoft 365 Workshop6£600
Envisioning Workshops (3 x 3 hour sessions)9£900
Envisioning high level requirements/features and organisation roadmap28£2800

Additional time

Additional workshops3£300

How long does it take?

The envisioning service generally takes several days as we recommend splitting up the introduction and workshop sessions and running them on different days. That allows the team to assimilate the information and think on it before going into the workshops. The workshops can be intense, so we recommend doing those over a series of mornings. We find the morning is when you and our teams have the most energy and focus.

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