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Give your new starters a warm welcome

Whether you are a new starter or an existing member of the team, new starters can be unsettling for both your existing team and your new starters. There is nothing worse for your existing workforce than seeing new members of the organisation but not knowing who they are or what they do.

Equally, your new starters may feel nervous, worried and likely disconnected. Wth iThink Connect New Starters for Graph, you can break down that barrier and make them feel more connected and kick-start their productivity.

Additionally, the solution will make it easier for you new starters to get up to speed and feel part of your organisation.

Part of IThink Connect Product Suite

Like the other products in the iThink Connect Product Suite, the new starter application is aimed at connecting your people, creating an engaged workforce who are connected and feel and belong to your organisation.

This easy-to-use product from iThink 365 displays the new starters in your organisation and provides a way for your teams to know who they are so that they can introduce themselves when they see them.

Additionally, for the new starters themselves, you can provide them with an easy way to find your employee onboarding site. The employee onboarding site ideally is a SharePoint site which is part of your Intranet which then provides all the information and resources that new starters need and gives the welcome that they deserve.

With iThink Connect New Starter for Graph you and your teams will have access anytime and anywhere through Microsoft Viva Connections and your Microsoft Teams desktop, and mobile applications and from your SharePoint-hosted Intelligent Intranet. The application is fully customisable so that you can use your company language to help ensure that the New Starter web part feels part of your organisation.

Are you looking to tackle the following challenges?

  • How do you welcome your new starters?
  • How do you reduce the time to productivity for your new starters?
  • How you welcome your new starters to the rest of the organisation?
  • How do help the rest of the organisation keep track of the new starters?
  • How to you help your teams not feel overwhelmed as people change in an organisation?
  • How do you help your new starters feel connected to the organisation?
  • How do you share what your new starters need to know when they start at your organisation?
  • How do you welcome new starters who are working remotely, or are frontline workers?
  • How do you embed the Intranet into the mind of your new starters?
  • How do you drive the adoption of the Intranet?

This product delivers the following

  • Provide your new starters with a welcome message.
  • Signpost your new starters to the Employee Onboarding site.
  • The New Starter is Fully Customisable.
  • Give new starters a warm welcome and make them feel part of the organisation more quickly.
  • Settle your new starters in, and get them connected quickly.
  • Allow people an easy way to know who the new faces are in the organisation.
  • Make your colleagues feel more connected to the organisation
  • Make your colleagues feel better about themselves.
  • Increase the adoption of the Intranet
  • Improve how your new starters fit into your culture
  • Embed the Intranet into your new starter work life
  • Welcome your new starters to the organisation
  • Make it easier for them to feel engaged with the organisation.
  • Increase the adoption of the Intranet
  • Improve how your new starters fit into your culture
  • Embed the Intranet into your new starter work life
  • Provides an easy way for your new starters to access resources so that they can get up to speed with how you work.
  • Reduce time to productive for your new starters
  • Help them feel comfortable in the organisation more quickly.
  • The new starter sign posting works well for new starters who are working from the office, frontline workers, out on the field and those working from home.
  • Allow you to customise the messages
  • Embed your organisation’s culture
  • Make the New Starter experience unique to your organisation

Who is this product aimed at?

  • Organisations looking for ways to build connections and establish rapport between teams and colleagues.
  • Organisations that celebrate their people.
  • Organisations that have Microsoft 365.
  • Organisations that have an Intranet or are looking to deliver innovative features on their Intranet.
  • Organisations looking to drive adoption of the Intranet.
  • Organisations that believe that having the right people in their business is the key to the success of their business.
  • Organisations that want to help their new starters feel at home at the organisation.
  • Organisations that want to automate and improve their employee onboarding experience.

Who is this product not aimed at?

  • Organisations that do not have Microsoft 365.
  • Organisations that do not wish to build rapport and connect their teams.
  • Organisations that are not interested in their people being the centre of their business.


Please note prices are exclusive of VAT. The prices are based on the banding of users and are for 12 months.

Starting fromCost
iThink Connect New Starter for Graph per user per month£1.15

How do I get the application?

Start your free 30-day trial with iThink Connect New Starter for Graph product takes about 30 minutes if you have the necessary rights to approve (you need to be a Global Administrator) and register with iThink Connect.

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