Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust – Microsoft Azure

Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust engaged with us via our of our partners at Aire Logic,

The trust run their Electronic Healthcare Record System, PPM+, across the Yorkshire region. PPM+ is built by the Aire Logic team who are embedded in the Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust and runs the Leeds Care Record. The system provides access to patient records for the hospitals at Leeds, Airdale, Bradford, Calderdale, Harrogate and Mid Yorks.

However, due to the systems success the organisation were constantly having to upgrade the infrastructure running PPM+.

The trust engaged with iThink 365 to help them achieve the following:

  • Provision PPM+ Test Environments in Microsoft Azure using Dev Ops techniques.
  • Build Infrastructure as Code scripts so that could rapidly provision PPM+ environments and scale out the environment.
  • Transfer knowledge of using Azure Dev Ops.
  • Transfer knowledge of building Infrastructure as Code scripts with Terraform.
  • Provide Microsoft Azure expertise to help them with their Cloud journey.


During our time there, the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, and we were able to support them by making use of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 to enable them to deliver infrastructure for the Harrogate Nightingale Hospital.