People being trained

Firebrand Training boost productivity with Microsoft Teams Training Report Tool

The challenge

Our customer, Firebrand Training, a world-renowned training company which leads the way in delivering training for all the major tech providers uses Microsoft Teams to deliver training to its students. It was looking for a tool to automate the tracking of attendance to its courses.

Although there are some tools with Microsoft Teams for Education the process of reporting across their extensive suite of training sessions was becoming more labour intensive.

One of their major customers is the UK Government who require that meeting attendance is reported back to them. The process of managing this was becoming time consuming, error prone to perform manually.

Bevan Miller, Director of Technology at Firebrand Training, approached iThink 365 as they were looking for a way to automate the reporting on the attendance for the hundreds of training sessions they run a month.

The result

Working with the customer our delivery team developed a solution which integrates with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 interfaces to extract meetings, invitee, and attendance information. This allows the customer to report on who attended the training but also who was supposed to be there but did not attend.

The outcomes of the solution were:

  • the solution has saved the team a day a week.
  • the reporting is less prone to human errors.
  • the process takes less time so invoices can be raised more quickly.
  • they can work on other more important tasks. Such as organising the next wave of training sessions.

Based on the current effort, the project has saved the customer approximately £7000 a year and allowed the team to be able to manage an increasing number of training sessions without needing to recruit additional staff.