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Castlegate – Aml Guard – Anti-Money Laundering Platform

Aml Guard
Aml Guard screenshot


In October 2019, Castlegate approached iThink 365 about an idea they had. They wanted to collaborate with a Microsoft Partner who would help them to build an Anti-Money Laundering product for the commercial property sector. This idea became Aml Guard, built on the Microsoft Azure platform.

After a preview release in July 2020, Aml Guard was launched. The application is built on Microsoft Azure. It utilitises serverless technologies such as Azure Functions and Logic Apps to keep cost low. The application is built using .NET Core and Angular frameworks and integrates with Castlegate’s Microsoft 365 platform which is also supported by iThink 365.

The iThink 365 development worked closely with CEO, Nick Rawling using a Scrum development methodology and bi-weekly standups.

Dev Ops

One of Nick’s concerns, how do rollout new functionality easily with minimal downtime?

iThink 365, with our Dev Ops practices use Microsoft Azure Dev Ops. Azure Dev Ops hosts the code, work items, build and release processed. Work items are created and prioritised with the customer. Code is built on check in. An automated release process, deploys new releases through the environments from development into production. This slick process means that the Aml Guard can be agile and change to customer demand quickly.


Aml Guard was released in July 2020 and is building momentum.

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