Microsoft Teams Delivery Accelerator

Microsoft Teams Delivery Accelerator

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Microsoft Teams enables your organisation to collaborate, communicate, and empower your teams with the tools and information that they need to drive the business forward.

The iThink 365 Teams Delivery Accelerator provides a solid foundation by delivering a comprehensive and thought through offering. It ensures your Microsoft Teams environment sets you up for success.

Our offering ensures your teams are:

  • empowered.
  • productive.
  • connected.
  • secure.

The iThink 365 Teams Delivery Accelerator sets you up for success with Microsoft Teams.

Who is it for?

  • Organisations that are looking to get more from Microsoft Teams.
  • Organisations that have a Microsoft Teams environment that is out of control.
  • Organisations that are looking to get their Microsoft Teams foundation right from the start.


The accelerator provides the following benefits:

  • A solid foundation for the organisation to reap the rewards from Microsoft Teams.
  • Implements best practice configuration.
  • Implements a secure configuration.
  • Creates workspaces for your organisation departments, social spaces and projects.
  • A managed Teams approval process to protect against site sprawl.
  • End user training.
  • A management framework to control the lifecycle of your Teams.
  • Eliminate IT being the bottleneck for the adoption of Microsoft Teams.
  • Searchable directory in Teams to filter and search to find the right team.
  • Templates for departments, projects, and social spaces.
  • Consistent Team workspaces.
  • Benefit from our expertise with delivering Microsoft Teams.
  • Do not make the mistakes that we have.
  • Innovative and extensible management platform to create Microsoft Teams and SharePoint based workspaces.

Why Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is the window into your organisation. Here is where the content, processes, phone calls, applications integrate, conversations intersect, and people get their work done here.

Microsoft Teams promotes this idea of working out in the open where your teams can see what you are working, what you are doing and thinking. Enabling users to collaborate, assist, evolve ideas and create value by asking questions and providing answers.

What is Orchestry?

Orchestry is the management platform that we deliver to your organisation as part of the accelerator. The platform is the best in class, looks great, has unique features, and solve the problems of an out of the box Microsoft Teams implementation.

As you would expect from iThink 365 it provides the customer with an excellent experience and is great value. Take a look at the process to create a new workspace (Microsoft Team or SharePoint).

Figure 1 – Request a workspace

The main problems solved are:

  • Removes the decision about which tool should users use in Microsoft 365
  • Control to how Teams are created.
  • Control Microsoft Team sprawl.
  • Eliminate duplicate teams.
  • Ensure a consist look and feel within your workspaces.
  • Help users find their workspace.

Figure 2 – The workspace directory

We mentioned the unique features which include:

  • The tool provides Team templates which can be tailored by the user to include features from a common set of assets.
  • Helps users get their work done by having a directory so they can find the right Team.
  • The Teams creation process is very flexible.
  • Intuitive user interface and beautiful interface.
  • Common mistakes such as creating orphaned Teams with no site owner are avoided.
  • Simplifying life for your users so the choice about which Microsoft 365 service to use is taken away and they can get on with their job.

Find out more about Orchestry.

Our Approach

We deliver Microsoft Teams using the following approach.

  • Discover – understand your organisation structure and security appetite.
  • Develop – Configure Microsoft Teams policies, structure and Orchestry
  • Deliver – Perform end-user training, admin training and handover the environment.
  • Feedback – solicit feedback, understand if there are any issues that need to be tackled.

We can also provide Support via our Microsoft 365 support offering. This provides application support and a helpdesk for your users. This can be 1st, 2nd, or 3rd line support.

Discovery Phase

This phase kicks off the project with a session to define the ways of working, project objectives and project team roles and responsibilities, timelines. Here we allocate the product owner to one of your team. They become our conduit into your organisation.

We run through our discovery workshop to understand the structure of your organisation, your existing environment, how you work, licensing, compliance and governance requirements and your attitude to security and risk. This allows to uncover how the various Microsoft Teams policies and settings need to be configured.

Finally, we build an information architecture which captures the workspaces that need to be created within Microsoft Teams.

Develop Phase

This phase starts the building of the Microsoft Teams environment within your tenant.

The Microsoft Teams settings are configured, Orchestry is installed and configured based from the discovery phase discussions. We will work with your product owner and project team to take our existing department, project and social workspace templates and finalise any last minute tweaks.

Delivery Phase

Now for exciting bit where we deliver Microsoft Teams. This phase provides training to your administration teams, training to your end users via train the trainer sessions. This ensures that users have local support at a department level.

Once you are happy then the environment goes live and your teams can start taking advantage of the Microsoft Teams platform.

Feedback Phase

Finally, we have a feedback/retrospective session where we unpack how the project went. What worked well, what has not worked well and then start to discuss what the next steps are for Microsoft Teams in your organisation as the journey has only just begun.


The cost for delivering the accelerator is tiered based on the number of users in the organisation.

The first year payment includes delivery and the first 12 months for Orchestry which is billed annually based on the number of users in the organisation.

Below are guidelines for the cost to deploy the Microsoft Teams Accelerator.

Please note prices are exclusive of VAT.

How long does it take?

Depending on the size of organisation, it typically takes between 5 and 10 days to perform the discovery, develop and deliver phase.

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