Microsoft 365 Application Development Service


The Microsoft 365 Development Service providers you with a way to deliver productivity solutions on the Microsoft 365 platform.

The application development service could deliver applications that:

  • Automating approval processes for key content/documents in your business.
  • Replace Excel spreadsheets with application(s) that allow you to connect your data and use it to work smarter and more effectively.
  • Remind you something needs to happen, for example, your fire safety certificate needs to be renewed before it expires.
  • Deliver Management information reports to improve the way that the business makes decisions or provide insight into how the business is performing.
  • Automating document processes to generate PDFs or Word documents from other data sources.
  • Build an application to manage the jobs and tasks within the business.
  • Provide a hub to help users find the information that they need.
  • To provide a support tool where on-site engineers can request help with a problem and have access to knowledge base videos and information.
  • Use Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) to automatically process invoices and extract information such as supplier name, invoice total, invoice date etc from a scanned invoice.

The opportunities for the types of solutions that can be delivered are endless.

This service delivers the following

  • Quicker delivery cycle
  • Using our certified engineers to deliver solutions using the Power Platform
  • Reduced cost to deliver when compared to traditional development.
  • Easier to change.
  • Achieve results using technology which has been traditionally expensive or hard to implement.
  • Projects are delivered using the IThink 365 Development methodology which provides a transparent and honest project delivery approach.

Who is this service aimed for?

  • Organisations that have Microsoft 365.
  • Organisations that want to drive more value from their Microsoft 365 investment.
  • Organisations that have Microsoft 365 Business Basic or higher.

Who is this service not aimed for?

Organisations without Microsoft 365.


To provide a cost for delivering a solution is difficult because the solution has so many variables. However, commonly projects are 10-30 days in length and have a cost starting from £9000.

The other area that needs to be considered are the following:

  • Licensing costs
  • Cloud costs

An overview of the licensing costs with an estimate for cloud costs will be discussed and provided as part of the design documentation during the discovery phase.

How long does it take?

As mentioned above in terms of project days, a common amount of time is between 20 – 30 days. However, the entire elapsed time from start to finish really depends on you. The process normally takes between 2 and 3 months from the start of the project.

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