Why Orchestry

So iThink 365 looked at the Microsoft Teams management tool workspace and selected Orchestry because it approaches the challenge of Microsoft Teams management in a unique way.

Screenshot of the Orchestry Directory which displays the SharePoint and Teams workspaces in your environment.
The Orchestry Directory

Problems solved

Similar to other tools it solves the following problems

  • Managing Microsoft Team sprawl
  • Managing duplicates
  • Providing consistency when creating Microsoft Teams.
  • Providing flexible and feature-packed Microsoft Teams and SharePoint request approval processes

Unique features

However, it has the following unique features:

  • Blurring the lines between the Microsoft 365 services so users don’t have to think about which one to setup. They just choose the template for their use case.
  • The tool provides Team templates which can be tailored by the user to include features from a common set of assets.
  • It helps users get their work done by having a directory so they can find the right Team.
  • The approval process is very flexible.
  • Intuitive user interface
  • It looks beautiful and is a joy to use.
  • Common mistakes such as creating teams with no site owner or only one site owner are avoided by policy setup.

At iThink 365, we love Orchestry and believe it is the best of the best. It enables us and our customers to be more productive and deliver the best Microsoft Teams experience.

Tackles Common Microsoft 365 Challenges

The Orchestry platform allows customers to overcome common Microsoft 365 related challenges such as.

What do I use and when?

Microsoft 365 has so many services, it is confusing for an end-user to know which one to use.

Orchestry helps by providing workspaces which set everything up for a user, so that they do not need to think and get on with the job in hand.

Microsoft Team Chaos

Do you have 100s of Microsoft Teams?
Do users find it hard to know which one to use as they have similar or confusing names?

Orchestry helps govern this chaos with some innovative features to guide users when requesting new workspaces. The approval process helps the business keep control of what teams are created and why.

We can help

iThink 365 can help your organisation overcome these challenges by working with you using our Microsoft Teams Deployment approach to help you get the most value from Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft 365 collaboration platform.

Contact us to get a demo and find out more.

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