Simon Doy in a meeting with Yvonne Cookson and Tim Bunting

Why Leaders Must Share Company Strategy with Their Teams Using Microsoft Viva

Effective leadership is all about fostering a sense of purpose and direction within an organisation. One crucial aspect of this is sharing the company’s strategy with the entire team. When leaders communicate their vision and strategy, it not only aligns everyone towards a common goal but also empowers employees to make informed decisions. In this newsletter, we’ll explore why it is essential for leaders to share the company strategy with their teams, and we’ll draw inspiration from Simon Doy, Founder of iThink 365, who shares his thoughts on this topic. 

The Challenge of Keeping Teams Informed 

Simon Doy, Founder of iThink 365, faces a common leadership challenge: how to keep his team up to date with the latest thinking and his thoughts on the company’s strategy. He emphasizes the concept of “oversharing” as a solution to this challenge. Often, senior management teams receive criticism for not adequately communicating with the rest of the business, leaving employees in the dark about the company’s direction. 

Simon’s Perspective: “I want my team to know what I am always thinking so that they can be successful and support the business in the direction that we are going in. By sharing my thoughts, strategy, and ideas, I can help my team know how to be successful in the business as they can see the direction, the strategy and align themselves to it.” 

The Benefits of Oversharing 

This oversharing approach aligns itself with iThink 365’s community pillar, as it establishes a sense of purpose within the team. Team members can see why the company is heading in a particular direction and the thinking behind it. This not only improves well-being but also allows employees to have some autonomy as they understand where the business is going and can decide how they can support it. 

Simon’s Perspective: “This oversharing approach aligns itself to our community pillar as it establishes a sense of purpose within the team. They can see why we are going in the direction that we are and the thinking behind it. Also, it improves well-being as the members of the team within the organisation understand where the business is going, and they can then decide how they can support it. This allows them to have some autonomy.” 

Using Microsoft Viva Engage for Effective Oversharing 

The question arises: How can leaders make it easy and build a habit of sharing with the rest of the business? Simon suggests using Microsoft Viva Engage as a valuable tool to facilitate this process. He shares his own approach, which involves recording short videos using the Microsoft Viva Engage App. 

Simon’s Perspective: “Almost every day at the end of the day I record a video using the Microsoft Viva Engage App. It is easy to use, and, in those videos, I discuss the following: 

  • What is top of mind. 
  • Anything that I think the team would find interesting that I have read or watched. 
  • Behaviour that has been good. 
  • What wins there have been. 
  • Behaviour that I would like to change (though being constructive). 
  • Thoughts on the current strategy. 
  • Areas that people should be thinking about. 
  • Building the Habit with Microsoft Viva Engage 

One of the challenges with the oversharing approach is developing the habit of consistent communication. Simon recommends scheduling regular time in your calendar to record these brief videos. It becomes even more manageable with the Microsoft Viva Engage mobile app, available for Android and IOS, which allows you to easily record and share updates on the go. 

As this newsletter describes, sharing the company strategy transparently with the team is a vital element of effective leadership. Simon Doy’s insights from iThink 365 highlight the benefits of oversharing and how it aligns with their community-focused approach. Leveraging tools like Microsoft Viva Engage makes it easier for leaders to communicate their thoughts, strategies, and ideas with their teams, ultimately fostering a culture of trust, collaboration, and adaptability within the organization. Embracing transparency through oversharing is a step towards a more engaged and successful workforce, ultimately driving the company towards its strategic goals. 

If you are a leader who is experiencing these challenges or would love to learn more about Microsoft Viva Engage, then Simon would love to hear more – Contact us | iThink 365