An image generated with Mid Journey which shows the Earth in the background and an office desk with comptuters on with websites showing. The area around is a real mess and full of rubbish.

Are your SharePoint and Teams Workspaces Out Of Control? Here’s How To Get Your Site Sprawl Fixed Fast

Site Sprawl is a nightmare because Microsoft 365 allows any user to go and create a Microsoft Team or Microsoft SharePoint site, your Microsoft 365 workspaces can quickly become a mess.

Why should we care?

If your sites are a mess then people will not know where to work and start using other places to store their content.

Often this will mean working in their One Drive where their work is siloed out of the way.

I mean you can’t blame them, can you?

If for example, we have 5 Microsoft Teams called, Marketing Team, Marketing Team 1, Marketing Team Without Bob, Marketing Team 3..

How are they supposed to know which one to use?

This is called Site Sprawl… and it can be out of control.

So, how do we tame this mess or preferably put controls in place so that this does not happen?

Firstly, if you work with us using our Intranet Accelerator then we will ensure this does not happen by giving you our Microsoft 365 Site Framework. If you are interested in finding more sign up for our Guide to Boosting Productivity with Digital Workspaces.

Taming the beast

Well firstly, you need to stop your users from being able to create SharePoint Sites and Microsoft Teams at their will.

Secondly, put a process in place which allows the users to request a site through a controlled process. Ideally, this process should allow the user to tell you what they want and set up a naming convention for their workspace.

Thirdly, we need to manage these workspaces and have processes in place to tidy up old workspaces which are not being used anymore.

With these three things, we can dramatically improve the adoption and control of the workspace. If we are clever and delegate the process of approving workspaces to non-IT teams then that will remove IT from being another bottleneck too!

Fortunately, Orchestry has your back and puts in place solutions for all these steps.

Below you can see the screenshot which is where users request a workspace. The wizard is beautiful and guides the user through the process of selecting their workspace. Here you can guide the user to select the right workspace.

Take the user through the process of choosing the site name and checking for duplicates so you can stop site sprawl in its tracks!

Finally, there is an approval process so further checks can be put in place.

Orchestry has a set of policies which can be set up to identify old unused sites and will run workflows to ask users if they still need the workspace anymore.

Here is an example of the Orchestry workspace dashboard where you can see which workspaces are active and inactive.

So, we can use the Orchestry tool and our configuration to get your workspaces cleaned up really quickly and generally within 10 days you will have a much more manageable and useable environment which is going to be better for you and your users!


In conclusion, you can get your Microsoft 365 workspaces under control quickly and keep them under control with Orchestry.

The outcomes will be an environment which is cleaner, has better discoverability, and has a more useable environment which is going to be better for you and your users!