Top Tip to Improve Your SharePoint List Filtering

If you use SharePoint lists as much as we do, one of the challenges you might have is, How do quickly find the information you need?

This feature I will have to say passed me by and after discussions with a few others, I fortunately was not the only one!

The other day I saw an X / Twitter post about how to programmatically set filters in SharePoint lists.

I thought to myself well that is great but how do you do it via the SharePoint interface and so then I discovered this feature.

So, we have had the filter pane for a while, and I have used it by clicking on the column I want to filter and choosing the value to filter by, as shown below.

However, since December 2021 you have had the filter pane which allows you to quickly select filters on multiple columns!

This is a great feature and I will be honest not something that I had picked up on.

You can configure the columns that are displayed in this filter pane using the column, column settings Pin or Unpin from the filters pane.

Anyway, that is it a quick tip to make life easier when you are using Microsoft SharePoint lists and need to filter your data more quickly!

Hope that helps!