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Find out about Microsoft Viva Pulse in one minute

Microsoft announced in April 2023 that Microsoft Viva Pulse was coming into public preview in June 2023. So, we expect to be hearing more about Viva Pulse shortly. In this article we give you an introduction to the product and the challenges that it is looking to solve. 

Firstly, Microsoft Viva Pulse is the latest product to join the Microsoft Viva Suite. Microsoft Viva is all about improving the Employee Experience and with Microsoft Viva Pulse it will enable managers to quickly establish the feeling or sentiment of the team. 

Viva Pulse is aimed at teams rather than the entire organisation. It aims to provide the following benefits: 

  1. Improved clarity for managers and leaders: Viva Pulse provides relevant and effective insights that help managers and leaders understand exactly how their people are feeling. 
  1. Empowered employees: With Viva Pulse, employees feel empowered and able to ensure their voices are heard on key topics. 
  1. Easy sharing of results: Results are shared easily, making suggestions easy to action. 

With Viva Pulse managers can quickly get feedback about Teams, Projects and other organisation events. In the example below Megan is sending out a Well-being survey to a project manager and their team. 

Once the survey results have been received, then the knowledge behind them can be shared with a wider audience. Of course, privacy is important and using a similar approach to Microsoft Viva Insights information is anonymised and checks are in place to make it extremely difficult to identify the person who has provided the feedback. 

Microsoft Viva Pulse will come with a set of research backed surveys and questionnaires to get you and your organisation up and running more quickly. Additionally, these surveys will help give inspiration and ideas to your organisation as to the types of surveys and information that other organisations are asking. 

At iThink 365 we are looking to incorporate pulse surveys into our project roundup process so we can capture sentiment, lessons learned and get a feel for how the project went from the eyes of the project team. 

Microsoft Viva Pulse is an exciting proposition and is available now as part of the Microsoft Viva product suite. 

Photo by Vinayak VN on Unsplash