3 Essential Tips to Accessing Multiple Microsoft Teams Environments

Recently, our Founder, Simon Doy was chatting with a customer about Microsoft Teams. They were talking about some of the challenges they were facing using it in multiple environments. The scenario was about when they needed to keep track of Teams conversations in different customers and/or supplier tenants

This got him thinking, what tips could he share that might help?

So, Simon had a think and came up with these.

What is a tenant?

Firstly, what is a Microsoft Teams tenant?

A tenant is just a separate Microsoft 365 system.

Each organisation will hopefully only have one tenant but if you are working with multiple organisations and you have been invited to a team in their Microsoft 365 system then you are going to work across multiple tenants and multiple organisations.

Anyway, on with the tips!

Tip One: Start using the New Microsoft Teams v2 Client

Firstly, please use the New Microsoft Teams vV2 Client!

We know it says new and maybe you are not sure if it will work, but if you are working with multiple organisations this is going to make life so much easier.

No longer will you suddenly drop out of a Microsoft Teams call because you were distracted by a message from a customer which then switches Teams into the other organisation.

Just go ahead and switch the toggle, go on … do it!!

Switch the toggle

P.S If it really is a nightmare then you can always switch back, but we are sure you’ll thank us when you do.

Tip Two: Use the Activity Monitor in Microsoft Teams

So once you are in the new Microsoft Teams, keep an eye on the Activity Notification bell and click on it to see if you have any messages you need to check on.

Keep an eye on the Activity Notification Bell

Tip Three: Open in New Window is Your Friend

Microsoft Teams has come along leaps and bounds since the pandemic! Being able to have multiple windows is such a productivity boost. Now you can open applications and chats in a new window and have chats in different tenants all at the same time.

So if you need to keep an eye on or keep chatting with multiple teams/people in different tenants, then simply open those chats into their own windows

Open multiple team chats into their own windows

Now you have your Microsoft Teams in one tenant and your chats from another tenant.

Multiple Teams Chats

Remember you can do this for personal apps and Channels as well!

Microsoft Copilot – connecting to multiple organisations


We hope that these tips help you work with Microsoft Teams when connected to multiple organisations.

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