Microsoft 365 Intranet Accelerator

Transform your communication and collaboration

Yes, that is right, we can transform your communication and collaboration with a Microsoft 365 Intranet built on SharePoint and Teams.

Microsoft 365 is a fantastic platform to build a modern and inclusive Intranet. However, a lot of Intranets are failures.

The Intranet Accelerator and iThink 365 are here to make sure that yours is not and that you have your basis covered.

Unrivalled Communication

The platform will engage your teams with fantastic communication which reaches all the parts of the business that all staff emails cannot!

Finally, you can inspire the people who make your business to be more engaged and understand why your business is on this planet.

Kickass Collaboration

The platform will deliver kickass collaboration using our Intranet Accelerator foundation which has been used to revolutionise our customer’s projects and teams with a simple but powerful approach.

This allows your teams to wow your customers with how you work, improving your customer experience and perception by working in a modern and sophisticated way.

Attention Business Leaders Boost Your Business’s Profits

This service delivers the following

  • A solid foundation for your Intranet and Microsoft 365.
  • A way to communicate across the entire organisation.
  • A central way to share resources and information that are available.
  • Proven Information Architecture.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams.
  • Department sites to promote self-service.
  • Feedback and Suggestions web part.
  • Global Navigation which is shared across your Intranet and SharePoint sites.
  • Distributed News publishing so that departments can promote wins and information.
  • Our knowledge and experience to aid you in deploying Intranets.
  • Training for your users.
  • Training for your administrators.
  • Centralised Organisation Assets.
  • Remove the risk of things going wrong due to customisation from third-party products.
  • Workspace management with automated archival and renewal policies.
  • Guest management to improve your organisation’s security.
  • Support to communicate and roll out the Intranet to your teams.

Who is this service aimed at?

  • Designed for organisations with Microsoft 365.
  • Organisations that want to provide a central location to gain access to the available tools, resources, and information.
  • Organisations who believe the Microsoft 365 platform will solve common challenges.
  • Organisations which have communication challenges.
  • Organisations who have frontline, remote or workers without desktop access.
  • Organisations who want to get more from their Microsoft 365 investment.

Who is this service not aimed at?

  • Single employee organisations.
  • Organisations that do not have Microsoft 365.


The cost for delivering the accelerator is tiered based on the number of users in the organisation.

Below are guidelines for the cost of deploying the Intranet Accelerator.

Please note prices are exclusive of VAT.

Starting from
Microsoft 365 Intranet Price list

How long does it take?

Depending on the size of the organisation, it typically takes around 10 days to perform the discovery, development and delivery phases. However, there will need to be input provided by your teams to ensure that the content on the Intranet is ready and work from your teams to go live.

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