iThink Connect Leave for People HR

Do you keep missing people because they are on holiday?

We have all been there, you decide to come into the office to catch up with a colleague and then find out, they are on holiday!

That is one of the reasons we built iThink Connect Leave for People HR.

Now you can see who is out of the office, when they are, any time and any where, all from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Do people keep asking HR how many leave days they have?

You have spent time, and money and invested in an HR system but people still cannot find out how many days of holiday they have left. This is why we built iThink Connect Leave, to make it easy for your teams to find out themselves and book time off.

Do you have frontline workers?

Your teams can access this information, anytime and anywhere. This means front-line workers, and teams working out on-site or on the road.

This product delivers the following

  • Allow your teams to find out their leave entitlement and more.
  • See who is on leave for the next 14 days.
  • Stop people from booking meetings when someone is away.
  • Easily expose leave information from People HR.
  • Drive adoption for your Intranet.
  • Access Leave information anytime and anywhere.
  • Support your front-line and remote workers.
  • Make it easy for people to book holidays through People HR.

Who is this product aimed at?

This product is aimed at organisations that

  • have Microsoft 365
  • have People HR
  • are looking to improve their employee experience.
  • are looking at innovative ways of connecting people together.
  • want to reduce the burden on HR.

Who is this product not aimed at?

Organisations that do not have Microsoft 365 and People HR.


Please note prices are exclusive of VAT. The prices are based on per user per month

Starting fromCost
iThink Connect Leave for People HR per user per month£1.15

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