iThink Connect Birthday for Graph

Celebrate your people!

Celebrate your team’s birthdays with the iThink Connect Birthday application for Graph.

This application is embedded in your Microsoft 365 / SharePoint Intranet and displays upcoming birthdays.

It will wish you a happy birthday too!

The application provides several benefits but was designed to help your teams break down barriers and break the ice by giving people a topic to bring up with another team member. The application celebrates your team’s birthdays and makes people feel good about themselves and the people in the business.

The application is part of the iThink Connect product suite.

The application provides another reason for the people in the organisation to access the Intranet.

Finally, the application is available for your frontline workers and people out on the road via the Microsoft Teams mobile app.

GDPR Compliant

The solution is GDPR-compliant with an opt-in model. The people in the organisation can actively choose whether they want to share with people that it is their birthday.

Secure by design

Like the rest of the iThink Connect products, the application has been built with security by design and uses your Microsoft 365 login, and encryption from your Intranet to the Microsoft data centres!

This product has the following features

  • Allows people to celebrate their birthdays at work.
  • Allows people to wish other people happy birthday.
  • Break down barriers between people and teams.
  • Provide an icebreaker for your people to talk.
  • Help make people feel good about themselves.
  • Help make people feel good about the organisation.
  • Make sure you do not miss someone’s birthday!
  • GDPR compliant with the opt-in feature.

Who is this product aimed at?

  • Organisations with Microsoft 365.
  • Organisations with an Intranet.
  • Organisations that want people to feel part of it.
  • Organisations that care for their people.

Who is this product not aimed at?

  • Organisations that do not have an Intranet
  • Organisations that do not have Microsoft 365
  • Organisations that do not want people to feel part of it.
  • Organisations that do not care for their people.


Please note prices are exclusive of VAT. The following prices provide an idea of cost.

Starting fromCost
Per user per month£1.15

How long does it take?

The product is available now; installing and setting up the application takes minutes.

I want it, how do we get started?

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