Parcil Safety choose iThink 365 Microsoft 365 Intranet Accelerator

Parcil Safety are a US based leader in preventative protective equipment (PPE) providing respirators and gas masks for the emergency services and military.

iThink 365 along with our partner, 365 Tribe, have been chosen by Parcil Safety to help them deliver their Microsoft 365 based Intranet along with adoption and training expertise provided by 365 Tribe.

Parcil Safety are moving away from an environment made up of a number of different software solutions which whilst providing a great individual experience did not gel together and give the organisation a good overall experience.

We are looking forward to helping and supporting Parcil Safety to:

  • improve how they communicate.
  • improve how they collaborate across their organisation.
  • enable improved document management
  • enable the teams to work for effectively and efficiently.
  • improve discoverability of key company assets.

We are excited to be working with our partner, 365 Tribe and Parcil Safety to deliver this exciting project to help them to build and growth this promising business.

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