eBook: 5 Remarkable Ways To Transform Your Business With The Power Platform

Accelerate your productivity with the Power Platform

One of the conversations we have with our customers is we have heard a bit about the Power Platform, but we do not know what it can do or the types of challenges it can solve. This guide aims to bridge that gap giving 5 examples of the types of common challenges organisations
face that can be solved with the Power Platform.

Get a free copy of our eBook here as we delve into each of the challenges below:

  • Challenge One: Forms – Vacancy Request Form – as organisations look to boost productivity, one of the key areas is to replace paper-based forms or Word templates with an electronic form built on the Power Platform.
  • Challenge Two: Workflow – Contract Expiry Reminders – remembering that something needs to be renewed or reviewed is a constant challenge. Particularly when people change jobs and move to different roles.
  • Challenge Three: Management Information – Organisation / Department KPIs – management Information is essential for the smooth running of an organisation. Being able to quickly spot issues due to a trend enables a business to react quickly before it becomes an issue.
  • Challenge Four: Self Service with Chatbots – chatbots enable your users to have a conversation to get something done. The Chatbot guides the user through a process to achieve a result.
  • Challenge Five: Artificial Intelligence and Power Automate – detecting and Extracting Information from Invoices.